Financial Backoffice Services

Simple Solutions offers quality financial services in accounting and bookkeeping services, data mining and reporting services, indexing services, financial reporting services, business transcription services


Business Transcription Services


Simple Solutions provides an array of Business Transcription services which helps the corporate world to have every fruitful business conversation made, in black and white. Our Transcribers have the ability to scrutinize the audio and transcribe multiple voices. In addition to the quality transcript we deliver we surprise our clients with quick turnarounds.

Our Business Transcription services: Investor relation web casts, focus groups, meetings, conferences, interviews, teleconferences, seminars and training sessions.

Business Transcript Deliveries:


A verbatim transcript is a word-to-word transcription of audio into text. This format includes sentence fillers and false starts. A verbatim transcript is usually considered when the transcript is sought for an analysis of communication (E.g., Depositions)


A semi-verbatim transcript is a word-to-word transcription that eliminates the sentence fillers and false starts. This type of transcript is usually considered when the bottom line of the sentence is required (E.g., Interviews, Focus Groups, etc.)


A transcript summary is an edited version of the transcript. Here the verbatim/semi-verbatim transcript is edited to present a grammatically correct document. This type of transcript is usually considered when the gist of the matter counts (E.g., Meetings, Time Crunches, etc.).


Process Flow

Reception / Recording of Audio:

The audio is received through FTP or recorded through web casts. The data is then converted, digitized and optimized by an in-house team and passed on to the Production Team.


Considering the Project specifications the Transcribers listen to the audio and produce a Verbatim Transcript.


The editor in the Team scrutinizes the Verbatim Transcript, checks for errors, rectifies if any and delivers a near-perfect Transcript.

First Line Proofing

he first line proffer checks for audio errors and grammatical errors and makes a Semi-verbatim Transcript, if the client had requested for a Semi-verbatim type delivery.

Quality Control

The transcript is verified by the quality controllers who make a thorough scanning of the document. The document is checked for finer errors and is then formatted carefully as per the requirement of the client. Special attention is given for names of the participants and punctuations. The transcript is now ready to be sent to the client and the MIS team uploads the transcript after encryption.

Business Transcription Technology

Simple Solutions combines our advanced TransPLATFORM with innovative outsource workforce management to deliver verifiable quality, turnaround times, security and billing.

Our flexible global workforce solutions offer the highest levels of security, increased capacity, off-hours coverage and around-the-clock service.

Technological innovations in communication have brought the global society closer. Simple Solutions has been delivering consistent support to the Healthcare sector of the US. Through its healthcare services the company has been offering its services to a number of clinics and physicians in addition. Here are some of our tools:

  • TransPlatform
  • TransTracker
  • TransCentral Distribution System
  • TransEasyBill

Business Transcription Technology


Quality of Manpower

Simple Solutions is genuinely committed to providing quality transcription for our clients. Our quality process begins with the selection of our transcriptionists. All of our transcriptionists are required to attend an intensive six-month training program with more than 1,000 hours of study that balances theoretical and practical applications and includes immediate feedback to further reinforce learning. Core courses include medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, disease processes, pharmacology, health care records, professional development and medical law, ethics and bioethics, among others.

"Continuous Training, Best-in-the-business recruitment policies and a great working environment helps Simple Solutions keep it simple, even during a tough recession"

Upon successful completion of the program, the medical transcriptionist begins work in a supervised setting. Each medical transcriptionist is given continuing feedback on all reports that are transcribed. Quality assurance specialists provide copies of edited reports with an explanation of changes in content, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and mechanics. This analysis provides for a calculation of an accuracy percentage, which is monitored by administration.

Advanced training for promotion is offered to medical transcriptionists who demonstrate the highest levels of accuracy. All transcriptionists are supported in continuing education efforts. Simple Solutions transcriptionists also have an advantage when it comes to standardizing transcribed reports. We have developed a detailed proprietary style guide using common industry standards. This Simple Solutions style guide selects the preferred word treatments and spelling for our transcriptionists, unlike other industry reference manuals, which offer multiple acceptable options. Taking this extra step helps ensure that all of our transcriptionists use exactly the same style treatments.