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Medical Record Review

Simple Solutions offers quality medical record review that ensures medico-legal case review companies easy access to patient case information. Based in New Jersey, USA, SIMPLE SOLUTIONS is a reputable provider of a range of medical process outsourcing solutions such as medical record review, medical chart review, medical chart organization, medical chart conversions, and medical chart indexing. Our review solutions are of great benefit to medical record management companies, legal support companies and insurance firms, since all critical information located in medical records are effectively summarized for easy perusal. We assist in summarizing Medical/Legal document organization by deciphering and summarizing their client’s medical records. We specialize in Workers’ Compensation Discovery and offer record retrieval for attorneys on both the applicants’ and defendants’ side, primarily relating to the medical treatment and condition of the applicant. We process the scanned records that are in Adobe’s PDF format, run it through an OCR process, and page number the file. This is where the medical abstracting and summarization is performed.

Custom Medical Record Reviews

We provide concise summaries of medical records, and take pains to ensure that they are so made to aptly meet your unique litigation requirements. This can include the highlighting of issues connected to particular disease processes. If the medical record is a chart, we can tabulate the information contained for the purpose of identification. In a SIMPLE SOLUTIONS medical record review, you’ll find important information such as hospital stay; examination findings; the opinions of medical professionals with regard to causation, appointment, and disability; diagnostic test results, medication in use; and the patient’s deposition testimony.

Why Simple Solutions?

At SIMPLE SOLUTIONS, all medical chart reviews are done through the coordinated efforts of our support personnel in the medical field. Here are just some reasons why several legal nurse consultants and medico-legal review companies continue to approach us for their medical record review requirements :

  • Our reviews contain accurate documentation of the treatments done for an injured person, based on the medical records provided
  • We can highlight core details that will help lawyers determine whether a medical case is worth defending.
  • We can also develop chronologies, and time lines.
  • We guarantee excellent quality and competent project management
  • Our ultimate aim is to give you the required information that would help you make fast scrutiny and take quick decisions.

Simplifying your Work Process

SIMPLE SOLUTIONS does not function as a witness; we only deliver outsourced support to entities that need to analyze and summarize medical records. All our services are performed offshore. Our services are aimed at making your work a lot easier